Productos para el Cuidado Dental en Perros

Cuidado Premium para nuestras mascotas con Oxyfresh todos los dias

El alto estándar Oxyfresh se obtiene con productos premium que garantizan una vida de felicidad. Desde perros y gatos hasta conejos y pájaros, nuestros productos no tóxicos y completamente seguros han estado ayudando a las mascotas a vivir más felices, más saludables y más años por más de 30 años.

Nuestro secreto es Oxygene®, un ingrediente clínicamente probado que neutraliza de manera segura y efectiva los desechos celulares y las toxinas, y hace maravillas en los olores de las mascotas al neutralizarlas al contacto. Oxygene® también elimina de manera segura y efectiva el mal aliento en gatos y perros.

Contamos con productos veterinarios recomendados para el la higiene y cuidado dental de nuestras mascotas.

¿Cuál es la diferencia de Oxyfresh? Son productos para el cuidado de mascotas que están hechos en EE. UU., No son tóxicos, no contienen alcohol y están formulados sin productos químicos agresivos.

Descubre por qué miles de veterinarios, dueños de mascotas y peluqueros usan, aman y recomiendan Oxyfresh todos los días.

6 Ways to Keep Your Pet Healthy

1. Daily Exercise

You may dread the gym, but for pets, they LOVE exercise, and it’s essential to their well being. Exercise is great for a pet’s physical health as well as their emotional health. Animals can get “the blues” just like humans, and exercise helps release feel-good endorphins.

2. Keep the Mind Active

It’s not just old dogs that can learn new tricks … all members of the animal kingdom like to discover new things. From new toys to new people to new tricks, it’s important to keep your pet’s mind mentally stimulated for better health and happiness.

3. Focus on Diet

Not all pet foods are equal in quality, and the cheapest ones at the store are that way for a reason. They usually contain lots of cheap fillers that don’t actually benefit a pet’s health. Diet affects both oral and overall pet health, so talk with your veterinarian about the best food for your pet’s needs.

4. Brush Your Pet

Guinea pigs, dogs, cats and rabbits need regular brushing to remove loose hair and keep the skin healthy. Cats and rabbits are both meticulous self-groomers and can get hairballs if they’re not regularly brushed. But unlike cats, rabbits can’t vomit the hairballs up, making regular brushing even more important.

5. Provide Oral Care for Your Pet

What would happen if you ignored your own oral health? Exactly … bad breath, plaque buildup, swollen gums, and inevitable tooth loss. Well, guess what? Your dog or cat is no different. They need daily oral care, and providing this can actually add years to your pet’s life.

Don’t like the idea of tooth brushing? Check out this brush-free Pet Dental Water Additive that you simply add to your pet’s water each day. Easy!

6. Give Your Pet Oxyfresh Pet Care Products

Unlike pet care products with alcohol that can sting or burn, or harsh chemicals that aren’t safe for anyone in the family, Oxyfresh pet care products are always alcohol-free, safe and gentle, and formulated without harsh chemicals. And they simply give you the best in odor protection.

Our proprietary ingredient Oxygene® oxidizes (dissolves) the compounds that cause odors, leaving your pet with a kind of fresh you won’t get from any other pet care product. More information…

Oxyfresh Exclusive Line of Pet Care Products

Pet Dental Water Additive

Yes, the solution for pet owners who don’t want to brush their pet’s teeth! Just add this tasteless and odorless oral hygiene solution into your pet’s water bowl each day to fight plaque and bad breath. Formulated for virtually every type of pet, from horses and birds to cats and dogs. More information…

Pet Dental Gel Toothpaste

So versatile, you can use Pet Dental Gel as a pet toothpaste or rub directly on the gum line to soothe oral irritations or fight plaque and mouth odors. Pet Dental Gel can also be used on external injuries. The aloe inside this gel provides soothing relief while Oxygene® fights bacteria and odors. More information…

Pet Dental Spray

Fresh breath on-the-go! Simply spray along the pet’s gemlike and this fast-acting formula with Oxygene® and zinc will get right to work to neutralize bad breath molecules while fighting plaque buildup. So easy! More information…

Pet Ear Cleaner

Perfect for sensitive pet ears and a favorite product of groomers and pet owners alike. Oxyfresh Pet Ear Cleaner quickly removes wax buildup, dirt and miteswithout leaving any irritating residue behind. Powered by Oxygene® to give your pet clean, fresh-smelling ears. More information…

Pet Shampoo

Oxyfresh Pet Shampoo is alcohol-free for no itch or irritation and pH balanced for a healthy, shiny coatSo gentle, you could even use every day. Oxyfresh Pet Shampoo contains silk amino acids for added moisture and shine, and Oxygene® to neutralize stinky odors … even skunk smells! More information…